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Memory Lane

Taken by my best friend and cottage mate Jennifer during Fall/Winter semester of 2014. The three of us went to downtown Raleigh that day for a nice walk in the snow. And decided to take some pictures that show how much we love each other. Sadly, not everyone in my cottage went. Maritza stayed behind to study only to figure out that classes were delayed so she didn’t have her test the following day. Brenda, was stuck at home. The girl only live thirty minutes away. And Kyndall was out with some of our other friends.

Hello Followers,

How do you like my picture above? I actually didn’t take it this time, it was taken by one of  my good friend Jennifer. And the picture is from our senior year. I was actually very happy that it snow during my senior year because it was more memorable. While I was in college it barely snow during school days, but when I came back home it would snow. And I was quite sad as me and my friends were not able to play and enjoy the snow together. However, it snow my senior year and we were all very happy. As that night everyone was just gathering outside for snowball fights and celebrating for having a whole week off. We did in fact have a whole week off and a few more days off afterwords. Of course, by then everyone got annoyed being behind schedules, having to push up or double the work loads and exams. 

This picture was taken during my freshmen year. It snow a little bit for one day. The building you see is a residence hall where only juniors and seniors are allowed to live. I lived there during my last two years.
This picture was taken during my freshmen year. It snow a little bit for one day. The building you see is a residence hall where only juniors and seniors are allowed to live. I lived there during my last two years.

As the weather is getting colder or hotter depending where  you live, I can’t help but to think about my old days bringing back some good memories. There are some that makes me laugh, cry and some that make me go like “Why did I ever do that”? Trust me, I have a lot of memories that made me think why I did what I did. For example, when I asked my friend Marlenee to give me a hair trim during our freshmen year and her first sleepover in my dorm only it turns out to be a hair cut.

short hair
This is a picture after my hair trimming accident with Marlene. I actually like it more than my hair right now. Before this hair accident, my hair was longer, it was a few inches away from my waist. I kept this hair length for about two years. And I finally gave up because it grew longer.

Of course, I wasn’t shock at the length because she had told me before hand she cannot cut or trim hair. And turns out she can’t and still can’t, she can never be a hairdresser or hairstylist. I mean hair is hair it will grow when it wants to. Well, at least mine is sort of like that. Marlenee and Maritza’s hair isn’t like mine. They keep telling me that they’ve been trying to grow their hair for the longest time. Marlenee had always had her shoulder length, while Maritza had told us that she used to have long hair but her mom never let her cut it. When her mom finally let her cut it she went all out and chopped it all off. My hair is now back to it’s almost normal length but it can’t grow any more. I’m satisfied with the length, but I’m thinking about cutting it again.

And of course there are more memories to tell with all these pictures that I kept with me. I always have to make sure if anything shall happen to my good old laptop, I will need to save my pictures first. I actually have my pictures saved on a USB flash drive as they hold precious stories to me. It’s a walking memory lane for me. And you know that say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Are there any pictures that you have and hold special memories or stories?

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