Customer from Hell (Retail Nightmares)

I’ve been working retails for probably almost around 5 years and I have met so many different types of customers. Each day when I go into work, I always expect to meet a good handful of rude customers. There are days/nights when work flies by without encountering one rude customer. But hey, that’s what happens when you work in any fields related to customer service. Today I’m going to share with you about a customer that I encountered yesterday at closing time.

Currently, I’m working as a full-time key holder at my new job since October and no sugar coat here, I’ve been trying to leave since December and constantly applying to other jobs. I love my co-workers, but I got to say the customers at where I currently work, are way far worse than the ones I’ve encountered while working at Rugged Wearhouse (my old workplace).

At my current workplace, on Sunday’s we close at 6pm and the last customer I checked out yesterday left at 5:50. After standing around at the front for a while, I looked at the time on the register and it was 5:57pm. I told the associate that I worked with to do a round check to make sure there were no other customers. When she told me there was no one else in the store. I locked the doors and went to the back to turn off the lights.

We both came back to the cutting the counter so that I can finish closing all the registers and handheld, it was already at 5:59. A few seconds later, we heard someone trying to get in. Then the associate told me “There’s a customer I think she saw me.” So, I told my associate, “it’s okay just come behind the counter because it’s already 6:01. We’re closed.” I gathered all the paperwork until we heard the customer trying to open the doors again. We looked at each other for a few minutes, before I went to the break/stock room to gather all the handhelds, radios, and the equipment log sheet. That was when I decided to grab my phone from my locker to look at the time and saw that the time didn’t match the time on the registers and store computers. The time on my phone was 5:56 while all the registers and computers in the store were five minutes ahead.

Anyway, I went to the office to continue closing the store and took a glimpse at the front door and didn’t see the customer out there. A few minutes later when I went to go get the last register from up front, my associate came with me, and there was the customer. She was standing in a far corner where we couldn’t see her and was recording us on her phone. I paid her no attention because I have encountered a few customers like her before. After running the EOD and clocking out we went to the front and she was still there.

As we were coming out, I didn’t bother to greet or acknowledge her. Why? I will be honest, I already clock out and I’m not on the clock, so I don’t have to greet or explain the situation to her. Besides I knew she wouldn’t listen since she’s one of our regular customers that always complained about almost everything. While we were walking to our cars, she yelled out a lot at us, I list them below.

  • I got everything on camera starting from 5:40 when y’all lock the doors
  • I’m going to report this corporate
  • Y’all can enjoy losing your job because you’re going to be fire
  • Corporate is going to hear about this
  • Thank you for wasting my time
  • I’m going to come in the next morning to talk to the manager

Alright, here’s my two cents. Go ahead and tell corporate and get me fired because I don’t care. I don’t get paid enough to help customers find matching colors for their projects or to ask, “so what are you making”? Let’s not forget that I don’t get paid enough to do the math just so you can get the correct yardage of fabric. And definitely not enough, to hold your hand like a little baby teaching you how to read a pattern, show the types of fabric you need for your project, find you the correct size needle and the matching the color of the thread. I don’t get paid enough and I don’t have the time, not when there’s only two people working in the store and customers are yelling left and right. Besides all corporate cares about is making money, they don’t care about the wellbeing of their employees. Hell, our Joann store might get rob one day (because the store beside of us did) and corporate probably won’t even care.

Second, if the customer was there at 5:40 then she should have been inside. What was she standing outside for 20 minutes? The last customer left at 5:55pm, where was she? Surely, still driving to get to our place. Lastly, I didn’t ask her to wait so that I can open the doors for her. Once business day ends, I don’t open the door for any customers just to tell them we’re close because I’ve been there all day and I want to get home. Besides they should

Lastly, she had options. She could have called us and say “Hey, so my phone says it’s only 5:55, why you guys closed early?” And then I will have asked my associate to go grab her phone to check on the time and tell the customer “Sorry ma’am, our registers and computers said it’s 6, but I can come open the door so you can get what you need since there are still five minutes left.”

And I had customers who had done that so many times, but they were nice and understanding that we go by the time on our registers and computers, since we’re not allowed to have our cell phones with us on the floor.  They would quickly come in, get what they need and leave quickly. Additionally, a few of them working in retails themselves, understand that sometimes the register and store computers are a bit off by a few minutes. The customer also had the choice of going to other nearby craft stores that were opened until 9. She even had the option of coming in the next business day. But the customer chose to wait and record my worker and me? So, I don’t know who decided to waste the customer’s own time.

While I wasn’t affected much about this customer, my associate was because she had never encountered such a customer before. So, I had to reassure her today to not worry and if it ever comes down to corporate buying the customer’s story then, I’ll make sure she remains with the store while I get out because I really am in desperate search of another job. Because working full time and getting paid $9/hour is so not worth it. For me, it’s just another crazy day dealing with a rude customer. Of course, I hope I will never ever see her again but who knows. I do feel sorry for the sales associate because she looked like she was going to cry. So, I reassured her that if anything I’ll make sure she still has a job by saying that she was acting according to what I asked of her. We both laugh as she replied, “No if you’re gone, then I’m leaving too.” So, there you go one crazy story about a customer from hell. There will definitely be more from the future and past.

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6 thoughts on “Customer from Hell (Retail Nightmares)

  1. Wow this story was so interesting. I can recall some instances when I’ve gone late (an hour before closing) to a store but I made sure to hurry so that I’m done by the time the shop is closing. I feel bad that you had to deal with that lady, hopefully she will find a new store to go to. Customer service isn’t an easy job especially when it comes to rude customers, you handled the situation very well. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

    1. Hey love,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Even though I work retails, I too am one of those customers that goes in an hour before closing time, but like you I know what I need and I hurry up with my shopping. Take care now!

  2. That is one crazy lady!! I work retails too and I can support the fact of how the store computers and registers can be off by a few minutes. There was this one time when the DM was was visiting us close to closing. When we close she was like there still six minutes left, as the night manager on duty I told her well the register says it 9 already. She looked at the time and was like well then guess we can close early.

    Anyway, customers like that aren’t worth the time to explain too because she probably won’t even listen. She probably made up her mind already to do that to you guys, probably an attention seeker as well. You did the right thing by not confronting her because the store was already close and you were right on point that she could have call the store asking for an explanation or simply go to another store.

    1. Hey love, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad to see you again lol. And yes, Even when I was at my old job, I noticed that the time on the registers and my phone were off by a few minutes.

  3. Why do I get a horror story vibe from reading this experience of yours? That dumb lady should know better. If you can’t open the door, then leave it as it is. If you can’t open the door, then it means that the shop is closed. Go somewhere else or come back tomorrow during open hours. The fact that she attempted to pry the doors open was what scared me. It’s creepy to just think about it. It’s closing time. Why is a customer trying to get in? What’s her true intention? And there’s only you and your coworker left. I don’t know about you MaiMai but it’s just creepy and scary.

    I wish you the best in finding a better job with better pay and benefits! 🙂

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