F*uck This, I’m Exhausted

Lately, my job has been getting to me. I’m the full-time keyholder and I’m getting exhausted from communicating between the store manager and other workers. Lately, a part-time key holder and a team member had brought up about their dissatisfaction with the work schedule. I can most definitely understand their points because it is a common thing that I and this keyholder talk about daily.

Today I’m coming clean, currently, I work a Joann Fabrics and Craft. As if dealing with some grumpy and stubborn customers is not enough, now there is a bit of tension between workers regarding the work schedule. Even though I’m a full-time keyholder, the store manager makes the weekly schedule. The only time I make the schedule is when the manager is on vacation. And I have to say that the schedule is pretty much set for good like nothing ever changes and we all know who we are going to work with. So, what is the big deal?

The deal is everyone is complaining. To begin with, on my first day the store manager told me to pick my two days off, except for Saturdays and Sundays. She had specifically said all management members work weekends and no one gets the weekends off. When we got a second key holder (part-time), who is the sister of the previous full-time keyholder, her days off were Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Then we got a third keyholder. And here is where the first problem began.

After training both keyholders, Store manager kept fussing about how Keyholder 2 kept messing up end of day reports. Honestly, I didn’t like it either and it is not like she does it intentionally. The computer would freeze up and cause a system error. The only thing she needed to do was called the store support system, but she never does. So now Keyholder 2 never close, instead she opens only works morning. And here comes the next two problems.

The store manager had told me that with these two keyholders, all managers can rotate having a weekend off. She said the exact same words to the other two keyholders as well. So far, keyholder 3 and I have not gotten a whole weekend off, instead, we keep having to put in request forms to have our weekends off. And at some point, keyholder 3’s two days off became Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I don’t even think that the Store Manager asked her. Additionally, Store Manager automatically gave Keyholder 2 Saturday’s and Sunday’s as her two days off.

So for the longest time, it was just me and Keyholder 3 working weekend nights. Until Keyholder 4 came along, and we thought oh maybe now we can have our weekends off. Nope, that never happened, mainly because of two things. Keyholder 4 does put in a lot of time off requests and Store Manager keeps complaining about Keyholder 4 is lazy, doesn’t do her job, can’t count money, or close the store properly. Store Manager pretty much says the same thing about Keyholder 2 regarding counting the money and closing the store.

My rebuttal is that these girls barely open in the morning! At Joann’s all the registers and safe are counted the following morning. So, when you don’t open at all, only got trained once to count the money and open a whole month later. How are you going to recalled all the steps and paperwork?!

Keyholder 3 has brought up these problems to Store Manager about two weeks ago (a whole year after we have started working) and when I went into work, it was brought to my attention by Store Manager. I talk to Keyholder 3 and she told me specifically that she was trying to tell Store Manager that she doesn’t want every weekend off, but at least one weekend off like how Store Manager had promised. And I agreed.

Today after interviewing some candidates, Store Manager brought up that she actually needed morning people. If she hires the best candidates then she is going to have to cut one of the two team members’ hours. I suggested to Store Manager, that team member 1 had mentioned a few times to me that she would like some mornings, Monday’s and Wednesday’s when she doesn’t have school. Immediately Store Manager replied, “Well Member 1 can only work mornings only on two days. I need someone that can work morning every day. These girls think that I can make a set schedule for everyone, but I can’t.” Store Manager even mentioned that Keyholder 2 had told her, she doesn’t like driving in the dark so that’s why she only put Keyholder 2 from 10-2.

I gave up and I told Store Manager, in front of team member 3 (who was the previous FT Keyholder), that I don’t know anymore because we have people who can’t do their jobs properly. By that I mean a Store Manager who shows favoritism, goes against her words and then claims to not remember them, a keyholder who is available at all times who gets the same exact payment as me but doesn’t pull that much weight like me.

I feel that it’s not fair. The only full-time workers are me and the Store Manager. If hours need to be cut, then it shouldn’t be taken away from just one or two workers. All parttime members, including keyholders, should get hours cut as well. If a worker gives you her availability, then make use of that availability don’t restrict it only because it’s only one or two days out of the week.

You said you need people to work in the mornings and complain because no one can work in the mornings except for two other people. Well, woman, there are two workers who had told you their availability; you even wrote down their hours but you’re not putting it to use.  You can even switch this person and that person’s shifts around, but you choose not to because you like working with specific people.

All I can say is that maybe it is time for me to go. I love my store manager because she’s quirky and funny. However, she is quick to judge people including her own workers. She doesn’t have great listening skills and quick to jump to conclusions. If you tried to talk to her about something, she thinks you’re complaining. I cannot just deal with a Store Manager like that and today after trying to stand up for Keyholder 3 and Team member 1, I’m just exhausted. Moreover, I hate the company, its stupid policies, coupons, and some of the customers.

3 thoughts on “F*uck This, I’m Exhausted

    1. It’s ok, work is work at the end of the day there is always something better. Thank you 😊

  1. Damn that store manager! She can’t manage or mitigate at all! That’s why there are so much problems, conflicts, confusions, and frustrations. If it were me, I start looking for a new job but keep the current job until I get the new job. Hopefully everything works out better for you in the end. We all need our weekends and no one wants to spend the weekends working!

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