Clothing and Culture

I love wearing Hmong clothes because the outfits are so beautiful and intricate. Depending on the style, some outfits can take weeks to months to finish. Hmong outfits for women can be worn with pants or skirts. It can range from very simple to extravagant, decorated with beads, bells, and coins. For women and girls, the outfits include a sev or apron (two aprons for pairing with pants), shirt, hlab or waist sash, a money/coin belt or bags, xauv or silver necklace, hat, and skirt or pants. For men and young boys, include a shirt, waist sash, money/coin belt or bags, pants, and hat. 

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Tales of Retail Horror

I am a retail employer, and at the same time, I am also a customer. So wherever I shop, I like to be nice to the employees because I know how it feels to deal with rude customers. I do not like dealing with rude customers, but I also have no problem confronting them, especially when they are wrong. Today, I will share three different customer interaction stories. Two of the stories are from my friends, while one of them is mine and they are not in any particular order. 

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A Stranger’s Talk Part II

I wouldn’t say I like talking to strangers. It gives me anxiety. Meeting new people and starting a new job make me anxious. However, if I am put in a situation where I need to talk, I will. Most of the time, I mainly listen and respond with minor reactions. There are some people I wish will carry on and leave me alone, while there are some that leave me astonish for a while after they are gone. That was what happened about a month ago during one weekend while I was with my friends. While hiking an old trail left untouched for many years, my friends and I ran into an elderly gentleman. I will call him Fred. As my friends and I laugh and joke—mainly at each other’s poor fitness level—Fred walked past us, and with a small laugh, he made a friendly remark.

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Who are you? Where is your family from? What is Hmong?

May is the heritage month for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Maybe some of you have already known that I am Asian. Specifically, I am Hmong. I was born in California in 1992 and raised in North Carolina. I have no memories of California because my family moved to NC when I was a toddler. All my life, I have been asked, what is Hmong? What does your name mean? Where are you from? Can you write in Hmong? This month, I will be answering some of these questions and sharing my experience growing up Asian American. I do not plan to make this a series, but I do not want to write long and tedious posts. So, I plan to publish a few posts during these last few days in May. Today, I will be answering the top five common questions that I always get from almost everyone that I meet.

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