Because I was not Enough For him

Note: This story was sent to me and the author wishes to remain anonymous. After communicating with the author, she wanted me to take out names of locations/places that could possibly give away her identity. The world is, after all, a small and scary world. Therefore, any names in the story has been altered or… Continue reading →

The Girl who wore toothpicks

As a kid, I wore toothpicks in my ear piercings for almost six years. Maybe even longer. I got my ears pierced somewhere between five and six years old. I remembered seeing my older sister wearing pretty earrings and always wanted to wear them, that I always asked my parents to buy me any set… Continue reading →

How to fail

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”― Winston S. Churchill How it BeganIt was a sunny and cold afternoon as the entire class began to walk in and sit down before class started. As always, we all talk about life and other courses—what was more fun… Continue reading →

Hello 2021

Nothing Has ChangedHello and welcome everyone to my first post of 2021. It feels like yesterday when I had just written my last post in 2020, and nothing much has changed. Seriously, nothing changed. I’m still losing hair. I’m always grumpy and impatient. Moreover, I still have to go to work tomorrow morning. Also, I… Continue reading →


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