a confession from the past

"I liked you back then and I still liked you now." My heart skipped a beat as he gently touch my cheek, but soon enough I jerked away from him before our two other friends can come in. I knew that I am not much of drinker, but two glasses of wine shouldn't really make… Continue reading a confession from the past

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My Friend Stole My Identity for Dating Apps

I wish I can say I am one of those few millenials that don't use a dating app, but I have a Tinder account. And it's just there on my phone just so I can do some major left swiping when in bored. A few days ago, I was with my friend, whom I'm going… Continue reading My Friend Stole My Identity for Dating Apps

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When You Found a Best Friend…

Fart in front of her Tell her that she looks like banana pudding, nice and sweet, in that ridiculous dress Let her borrow your hardly worn shoes, or switch shoes for a day or week Don't like the same people Tease the same professors behind their backs Messaging each other on Facebook and laughing like… Continue reading When You Found a Best Friend…