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Catching Up with MaiMai

A lot has happened within the past two months. My family has moved into a new house, I met a guy, work is still miserable, and I'm just trying to pick and put back the little pieces together. Life is a crisis! Yes. After two years of searching for a new house, my mom and… Continue reading Catching Up with MaiMai

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My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Brands

A few weeks ago, I shared on my blog if buying high-end makeup products were really worth the money and that inspired me to share with all of you my favorite makeup brands that are affordable. Before I get started, I have to give props to these affordable makeup brands because they have come from… Continue reading My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Brands

Journal Diaries

First Time Wearing a Tampon: From a Hmong Girl’s POV

Last week my friend was on her period and she decided to try out a tampon. I was with her at the store to help her choose which tampons to buy and guiding her from outside the bathroom door when she was putting it in. It took her five tries, but she did it. After… Continue reading First Time Wearing a Tampon: From a Hmong Girl’s POV

Journal Diaries

My Mother’s Story

Growing up I can never rely getting help with homework from my mother. If it was project that deals with creativity, then that is when my mom can help. However, if it was something like calculus, I’m on my own.  Unlike my father who was educated in Laos, my mother never received any education. She… Continue reading My Mother’s Story

Journal Diaries

I put myself before others

My friends described me as someone savage and selfish. They usually tell me that I don't really give the damn about others because I'm too concern about myself and my own problems. They all say I should be the last person they come running to when they have problems, but I'm always the first. And… Continue reading I put myself before others

Journal Diaries

Satisfying Moments

  Life is full of many surprises. Above all, it's full with many simple pleasures. Some that I take for granted, some that I don't appreciate enough. And finally, some that just happens to happened. Today, I'm going to share a few the notes I made over the last few years in my "Positive Thoughts/Memories"… Continue reading Satisfying Moments