Dating Tales

For the past few weeks, I went on three different dates. I have no idea why I agreed to go on these dates when all I wanted to do was stay home and relaxed. These dates happened, and I cannot undo them. Here is a glimpse of how these dates went. Also, a little disclaimer… Continue reading Dating Tales

Journal Diaries

I put myself before others

My friends described me as someone savage and selfish. They usually tell me that I don't really give the damn about others because I'm too concern about myself and my own problems. They all say I should be the last person they come running to when they have problems, but I'm always the first. And… Continue reading I put myself before others

Journal Diaries

When You Found a Best Friend…

Fart in front of her Tell her that she looks like banana pudding, nice and sweet, in that ridiculous dress Let her borrow your hardly worn shoes, or switch shoes for a day or week Don't like the same people Tease the same professors behind their backs Messaging each other on Facebook and laughing like… Continue reading When You Found a Best Friend…