a stranger’s talk

a stranger’s talk

The store was so quiet, it is that time frame again where everyone is out getting dinner and about 2-3 customers shows up within an hour until we close for the night. Sometimes, if we are lucky no customers show up for the last hour and we close fifteen minutes early leaving right on the [...]

My Mother’s Story

Growing up I can never rely getting help with homework from my mother. If it was project that deals with creativity, then that is when my mom can help. However, if it was something like calculus, I’m on my own.  Unlike my father who was educated in Laos, my mother never received any education. She [...]

Dead End

Submitted by Anonymous 2 cups of harsh words 1/2 teaspoon of salt in my wound 4 wine bottles of shards between Just enough to make her cry. Enough to make her bruise all over her body until it aches. Enough for her storm into the bathroom and lock the door. But not enough for her [...]